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NEWS MARCH 27, 2001
LightWave 6.5 for OS X Now in Final Release
New version free for registered users of 6.5

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

NewTek announced today that LightWave 6.5 for Mac OS X final release is available for download immediately on their Web site. Mac OS X shipped in final form this last weekend.

Brad Peebler, vice president of 3D graphics for NewTek, said in a prepared statement, "After months of hard work and collaboration with Apple, we are extremely happy to offer LightWave 3D for Mac OS X at the same time that Apple has released the product. We at NewTek are excited about the capabilities of Mac OS X and are thrilled to have been the first 3D graphics program shipping for the beta release, and even more thrilled to be the first available for the final release. The operating system really allows LightWave 6.5 to shine and we think that our commitment to the platform is made clear with the strength of the software and the concurrent release."

LightWave 6.5 for Mac OS X is available immediately for download for registered owners of LightWave 6 for Mac, according to NewTek. (As of press time we were unable to locate the update on their Web site.) Users wishing to purchase the packaged product will be able to do so through NewTek's authorized reseller channels immediately after the software is delivered to the dealer and distribution network. LightWave 6.5 is available for a suggested retail price of $2,495, with upgrades and educational discounts available.

For more information, visit http://www.lightwave6.com.

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