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NEWS MARCH 26, 2001
Maxon To Release Cinema 4D XL 7
Upcoming release gets new render engine, radiosity

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Maxon has announced the soon to be released version 7.0 of Cinema 4D XL, its flagship modeling and animation package. The company says release 7 will focus on render quality and that "both the advanced lighting technology and the render engine have been improved almost beyond recognition."

The new render engine uses an adaptive oversampling that's designed to produce brilliant still images and remove any kind of flickering in animations. In addition, the company says the improved rendering has also gained in speed.

The new global illumination and radiosity features simulate the natural distribution of light, such as color-bleed between adjacent surfaces. Regions that would normally receive no light when raytraced are lit indirectly with global illumination. Maxon claims that its new radiosity engine is "probably the world’s fastest." (We'll test this when version 7 is released.)

Version 7 will also add new caustics and volume caustics that allow the user to apply caustics from one or more light sources onto any object surface using Volume Caustics, including fog, smoke and water.

Finally, the new version will offer multipass rendering so that you can render out illumination, specularity and transparency as separate layers for post-editing. CINEMA 4D XL Release 7 saves all the layers during a single render pass as a single file in PSD, RLA or RPF formats.

The expected release date for version 7.0 is June 2001. Those who purchase 6 now will receive a free upgrade when it does become available. For more information, visit http://www.maxoncomputer.com.

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