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NEWS MARCH 6, 2001
Olympus Introduces Brio Camera
Compact model shoots for speed

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Olympus says it will start shipping the first model in its new line of point and shoot digital cameras this May. The first model, the Camedia Brio D-100, offers a 1.3 megapixel CCD for producing images at 1,280 x 960. It also offers a 5.5 mm f2.8 to f11 autofocus lens with 2x telephoto, a shutter release time of 0.3 seconds and a USB interface.

The Brio D-100 isn't particularly small. It measures 4.3" (W) x 2.4" (H) x 1.3" and weighs about 6 ounces. The main thrust of this new camera seems to be its speed. It starts up in less than a second and can shoot two pictures per second at full resolution in burst mode without the need to change the camera's settings, according to Olympus.

It's also meant for ease of use, including its USB interface, which requires no additional drivers or software. Just plug it in, and it's connected to the host computer. Under Mac OS 8.6 or higher, the camera will automatically mount on the Desktop like a hard disk. This also works on Windows 2000 and Windows ME systems, and card readers are available for machines that lack USB connectivity.

The Brio D-100 uses SmartMedia for image storage (8 MB card included), which can also be inserted into one of Olympus' dye-sublimation printers for direct printing. The Brio D-100 also supports the Digital Print Order Format (DPOF) standard for adding data to images and tagging specific photographs to print to DPOF-compatible printers.

The camera includes a 1.5" LCD viewfinder, as well as an optical viewfinder. All camera settings can be accessed through the LCD panel.

Available in May, the Brio D-100 will ship with an 8 MB SmartMedia card, USB cable, video output cable, Olympus Camedia Master software, user guide, strap, and CR-V3 Lithium battery pack. The camera can also be powered by two AA alkaline or Ni-MH batteries. Olympous expects the camera to sell for about $299. For more information, visit http://www.olympusamerica.com.

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