MARCH 2001 

NEWS MARCH 30, 2001
Dukane Announces 1,300 ANSI Lumen Projector
New model sports XGA resolution at 6.7 pounds

Dukane has announced the XGA ImagePro 8750, a DLP projector that's compatible with all Macs with plug and play operation, according to the company. The 270 Watt SHP (Super High Performance) lamp provides 1,300 lumens of on screen projection light with a contrast of 400:1 and 2,000 hours life for the lamp. Read More

NEWS MARCH 29, 2001
StageTools Releases MovingPicture 2.0
NLE plugin gets faster rendering

StageTools has announced MovingPicture 2.0, a plugin for a number of NLEs and compositing applications for Mac and Windows. MovingPicture is a tool for documentary and industrial filmmakers to pan and zoom on high-resolution images. It takes scanned images up to 4,000 pixels and allows for repeatable pans and zooms directly from a nonlinear editor’s timeline. Read More

NEWS MARCH 29, 2001
Aurora Updates Video Capture Drivers
Carbonized Igniter software supports Final Cut Pro 2, Premiere 6

Aurora Video Systems has released an update to the software driver for its Igniter video capture and editing boards. Version 3.1 adds support for Apple Final Cut Pro 2.0 and Adobe Premiere 6.0. It also offers full support of YUV color processing, so it renders without scaling, conversion or clipping, according to Aurora. Read More

NEWS MARCH 28, 2001
Pinnacle To Support Realtime Effects in Final Cut Pro 2.0
CineWave SD system set to ship this summer

Pinnacle Systems today unveiled a system that will bring realtime editing and effects to Apple's Final Cut Pro 2.0. The standard-definition version of CineWave is schedule to ship this summer. Read More

NEWS MARCH 28, 2001
Microsoft Releases Windows Media Player 7 for Mac
New version supports digital rights management

Microsoft today released version 7 of its Windows Media Player for Macintosh. The new player supports digital rights management and the newest Microsoft codecs, including Windows Media Audio and Video 8, which were also released today. Read More

NEWS MARCH 27, 2001
LightWave 6.5 for OS X Now in Final Release
New version free for registered users of 6.5

NewTek announced today that LightWave 6.5 for Mac OS X final release is available for download immediately on their Web site. Mac OS X shipped in final form this last weekend. Read More

NEWS MARCH 26, 2001
Maxon To Release Cinema 4D XL 7
Upcoming release gets new render engine, radiosity

Maxon has announced the soon to be released version 7.0 of Cinema 4D XL, its flagship modeling and animation package. The company says release 7 will focus on render quality and that "both the advanced lighting technology and the render engine have been improved almost beyond recognition." Read More

NEWS MARCH 23, 2001
CValley Ships FILTERiT 4
New version of Illustrator 8/9 plugin adds 3D transforms

CValley late yesterday started shipping version 4 of its FILTERiT plugin for Adobe Illustrator 8 and 9. The new version is available only for the Macintosh, with a Windows version expected in May. Read More

NEWS MARCH 22, 2001
Kodak Announces 6 Megapixel SLR
DCS 760 bursts at 1.5 FPS

Kodak today announced a 6 megapixel SLR in its line of DCS digital cameras. The new DCS 760 uses Kodak's 6 megapixel camera back built on Nikon's flagship F5 Pro digital SLR camera body. In addition to the back, Kodak has also built in an ISO range of 80 to 400 (pushable two stops), a burst rate of 1.5 frames per second and a burst depth of 24 frames. (The camera will actually buffer up to 24 shots at 6 megapixels each before writing to the PC card.) Read More

NEWS MARCH 19, 2001
Realtime Adobe Premiere Coming to Mac
Adobe expects realtime cards from multiple vendors, including Matrox

Adobe has announced that the realtime version of Premiere 6, its digital video editing suite, will be making its way to the Mac this spring. Premiere RT has been available for the Windows platform for several years, but Adobe says that new advances in QuickTime technology have made the Mac version possible. Adobe says it expects to see realtime cards from the likes of Matrox, ProMax, Aurora Video Systems and Digital Marketing International. (Matrox has already begun shipping its first realtime card for the Mac supporting Apple's Final Cut Pro.) Read More

NEWS MARCH 14, 2001
Apple To Ship Final Cut Pro 2
New version gets realtime editing

Apple today announced it plans to ship Final Cut Pro 2 March 19. Final Cut Pro is Apple's digital video editing application, a direct competitor of Adobe Premiere. According to Apple, version 2.0 offers realtime editing and compositing features for realtime cards like the Matrox RTMac, which has also just been announced. Read More

NEWS MARCH 14, 2001
Matrox Ships Mac Realtime Editing Card for Final Cut Pro 2
$999 card also offers dual-monitor support and dual-stream DV capture

Matrox has finally announced the release of its long-awaited RTMac realtime card for Final Cut Pro 2.0. The card had been announced last year at NAB and was expected in the third quarter of 2000, but delays in shipping a realtime version of Final Cut Pro caused the RTMac to be pushed back. Read More

NEWS MARCH 12, 2001
VertiBevel 1.5 for LightWave Released on the Mac
Now available for 5.5 through 6.5

Shekinah Studios has released the Mac version of VertiBevel 1.5, its modeling tool for LightWave 6.5. The single user price is $149.95. Read More

NEWS MARCH 9, 2001
Emagic Shows Off Logic Audio 5
Forthcoming upgrade gets Mackie integration, tons of new features

Emagic has announced Logic Audio 5.0, a major upgrade to its audio editing suite for Macintosh and Windows. The upgrade, due to ship in September, includes integration with Mackie's new Logic Control hardware system, offering hands-on control over hundreds of MIDI and audio functions, including the new automation system. Read More

NEWS MARCH 9, 2001
Emagic Launches New Hardware and Software at Musikmesse
Virtual instruments, new USB interface highlight offerings

In addition to announcing Logic Audio 5, Emagic, a German audio hardware and software developer, has also launched or announced a whole slew of new audio products. The announcements come out of the Musikmesse festival going on in Frankfurt, Germany. First on the list is Emagic Synthesizer 2 for Logic Audio. Read More

NEWS MARCH 9, 2001
Photoshop 6.01 Updater Returns
New version fixes workflow issues

Last month we wrote about Adobe releasing an updater to Photoshop 6. Soon after, Adobe removed the updater from its download area. Well, today it's back for the Mac. The new version adds minor enhancements to Photoshop 6, mainly dealing with workflow and usability issues. Read More

NEWS Mar. 09, 2001
MacWeek Folds into MacCentral
Content transitions over, some staffers don't

Earlier this week Mac Publishing LLC, the publisher of Macworld, folded MacWeek.com into its daily headline news site, MacCentral.com. The move included layoffs of seven MacWeek staffers. The company says the change will not affect other Mac Publishing properties. Read More

NEWS MARCH 9, 2001
Credo Offers Bundle Deal on LifeForms, MeGa MoCap
$300 off through March

Credo Interactive has started offering $300 off a bundle of their LifeForms 3.9 and MeGa MoCap software. LifeForms is a character animation and motion capture editing package. It includes integration with 3D packages like LightWave, ElectricImage, Poser, Cinema 4D XL and any programs that use BVH, Acclaim or HTR motion capture data. Read More

NEWS MARCH 9, 2001
Quadmation Releases PlayerPro 5.8
Commercial and freeware versions get ASIO support

Quadmation has announced an update to its PlayerPro audio editing software. The new versions of the commercial and freeware releases add a number of new features, GUI enhancements and bug fixes. They also remove all 68K code, making them operable only on PowerPC machines. Read More

NEWS MARCH 8, 2001
Sharp Unveils 3,300 Lumen Projector
New model comes with 'Gyro Mouse' remote

Sharp today unveiled the latest in its line of XGA and SXGA digital projectors, the XG-P20XU LCD projector. The new model offers brightness of 3,300 ANSI lumens, native XGA resolution (1,024 x 768) and 360 degree remote control capabilities. The P20 is compatible with NTSC, PAL, SECAM and DTV/HDTV video signals. It can automatically adjust to handle images up to UXGA resolutions, as well as various Macintosh and electronic workstation data signals, according to Sharp. Read More

NEWS MARCH 7, 2001
ZBrush 1.2 Coming This Month
New version adds scripting, reflect/refract brushes

Pixologic has announced it will ship ZBrush 1.2 March 22 at the Game Developers Conference. ZBrush is a painting application that offers 2D, 2.5D and limited 3D capabilities. It's been around for less than a year, and the Macintosh version was launched just back in January at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco. Read More

NEWS MARCH 7, 2001
OS X Heads Toward Manufacturing
New operating system still on target for March 24

Apple has announced that Mac OS X has gone gold master and is now on its way to manufacturing for release March 24. The company released no new information regarding the new OS except that it will require 128 MB of RAM to run and that it will be compatible with iMacs, iBooks, G3 and G4 desktops, the G4 Cube and PowerBooks released after September 1998.
Read More

NEWS MARCH 6, 2001
RE:Vision Revamps Entire After Effects Plugin Line
New versions get bug fixes, performance enhancements

RE:Vision FX says it has revamped its entire line of plugins for Adobe After Effects. RE:Vision makes such plugins as Video Gogh, ReelSmart Motion Blur, Twixtor and Shade/Shape. There had been problems with the plugins when used with Discreet's Combustion, particularly when saving and then reopening a file that used a RE:Vision filter. According to RE:Vision, all of their plugins now work properly with Combustion 1.011. They have also been updated to work in Premiere 6.0 via Premiere's After Effects plugin support. Read More

NEWS MARCH 6, 2001
Olympus Introduces Brio Camera
Compact model shoots for speed

Olympus says it will start shipping the first model in its new line of point and shoot digital cameras this May. The first model, the Camedia Brio D-100, offers a 1.3 megapixel CCD for producing images at 1,280 x 960. It also offers a 5.5 mm f2.8 to f11 autofocus lens with 2x telephoto, a shutter release time of 0.3 seconds and a USB interface. Read More

NEWS MARCH 5, 2001
Strider Ships TypeStyler 3.7.1
New version fixes CMYK EPS export

Strider Software has updated TypeStyler to 3.7.1. TypeStyler is a tool for the Macintosh for manipulating text, creating text paths and generating text effects. It's available only for the Macintosh. Read More

NEWS MARCH 5, 2001
Princeton Ships 17-Inch LCD for $899
New model offers 1,280 x 1,024 resolution

Princeton Graphics has introduced a 17" LCD monitor priced at $899. The new LCD17 offers 24-bit color at a maximum resolution of 1,280 x 1,024, a contrast ratio of 400:1 and a brightness level of 250 cd/m2. Read More

NEWS MARCH 2, 2001
Electric Image Universe for Mac Ships Today
Upgrades start at $295

Electric Image has started shipping Universe, the new version of its high-end 3D modeling, rendering and animation package. The first to receive the software are those who've upgraded from EIAS 2.9 and those who preordered Universe. The software will start shipping Monday for the rest of EI's customers. Read More

NEWS MARCH 2, 2001
Media 100 Ships MPEG Charger, Audio:Box, CineStream
New tools target streaming audio and video

Media 100 has started shipping three new Mac products targeted toward streaming media professionals in audio and video—CineStream, MPEG Charger and Audio:Box. Audio:Box, the company's new high-end audio encoding hardware/software suite, uses multiple G4s and PowerFile C200 CD/DVD jukeboxes, along with Cleaner 5 and a whole lot of AppleScripting, to pull audio files and metadata off CDs and DVDs and publish them to a streaming server. Read More

Avid OMF Comes to After Effects 5
Plugin automatically imports Avid projects

Software developer Automatic Duck has announced the forthcoming release of OMF Composition Import, a plugin for Adobe After Effects 5. OMF Composition Import allows users to bring Avid OMF projects into After Effects automatically. Wes Plate, president of Automatic Duck, told us he expects the first release around the time of the NAB show in April. It will be released first for the Macintosh, with a Windows version following as soon as possible, he said. Read More

Maxon Unveils Cinema 4D Art
New 3D app targeted toward designers

Maxon Computer today announced a brand new product in its lineup of 3D software—Cinema 4D Art. The new program is not an addon to Maxon's Cinema 4D XL. Rather, it's a standalone targeted toward designers and those who work in print and product visualization. Read More

After Effects 5 Goes 3D
Exclusive After Effects 5 QuickTime demos and tutorials!

Adobe has finally announced the forthcoming release of After Effects 5.0, the company's long-awaited (but still unavailable) update to its video compositing and effects suite. The new version includes a huge number of changes, including new 3D compositing capabilities, some new filters from the company's just-announced acquisition of Cycore's Cult Effects and 16-bit per channel color support (in the Production Bundle only). We have exclusive footage of After Effects 5 (created by our in house production staff at DMN TV), along with some introductory tutorials from Total Training and demonstrations of the product from Adobe. (Please note that these QuickTime files will be posted at 6 a.m. Pacific Time.) Read More

Adobe and Mac OS X
Native takes a back seat to Classic

Adobe After Effects 5.0 is the biggest news to come out of the second-biggest software company in a big while. It brings 3D to the most popular compositing software in the world. It brings a whole host of new features, including parenting and JavaScripting. And it brings the first shot to OS X we've seen from a Mac third-party developer. Read More

Adobe Acquires Cycore Cult Effects, Atomic Power Evolution
Filter sets make it into After Effects 5

Adobe has acquired the assets of Cycore's Cult Effects and Atomic Power's Evolution, two sets of popular plugins for Adobe After Effects. The result is that these company's filters will now be included in After Effects 5, though some of them will only be available in the After Effects 5 Production Bundle. Read More


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