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Color Mapping in Synthetik Studio Artist

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More ways to clean up a color map
Here are some more tips to help you clean up your color map.

  • Try using region selections to map different color squares to different areas of the image.
  • I really like to take one source color and use it to generate my color squares via the "Random Source Color Analogous" option. Use Map Type "Lum." Stunning.
  • Reduce the Mix level.
  • Because you're using only 48 colors, sometimes some stepping (posterization) can occur. Not to worry. Blur it then composite it with a black and white version of the original to bring back detail.

Be creative! That's the beauty of a tool like Studio Artist that leaves you so many options open.

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Chuck Floading is owner of Imagine That, a Milwaukee, Wis.-based graphic arts
firm specializing in pre-visualization, storyboards and illustration (and
animation, once Maya comes to Mac!). Floading is a digital artist and
regular contributor to the Synthetik Studio Artist User Forum at the World Wide
User Groups (WWUG). He can be reached at [email protected].

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