Color Mapping in Synthetik Studio Artist

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Cleaning it up
Now here are a few things you can try to clean it up. All those color squares—48 in total—are individual color memories that work by the same convention as all the memories on the SA interface. You click to access and option-click to record. If there's a color in those squares that I don't want used in the color mapping, I can record something else in its place.

You can manually record a new color in the color squares by selecting a color
and then Option-clicking in the Color Squares palette to record this.

Hit Action, and ... Voila!

The new image, color-mapped
with the new color palette.

Or we could preserve colors from the original.... If we want to save the blue of the tropical scene's sky, we have to first have the unadulterated picture on canvas. Switch from IP OP mode to Preset mode. (You can't sample colors in IP OP mode.) Then hold "c" on your keyboard while clicking on the blue of the sky. This will sample the blue color. Option-click onto one of your color squares to record that blue source color to a memory. Try to record over a color that you don't want to see appear in the color mapping, such as, in this case, that muddy purple. Run Color Mapping, and ...

Remapped with the
original blue sky.

Or you could map a duotone or tritone, if the color squares were recorded like this:

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