Color Mapping in Synthetik Studio Artist

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2. Switch to the color map Image Operation. Leave it in RGB mode for now, and set option to smooth. The quantize settings give a posterization effect; smooth will allow gradations of tone.

Locate the Color Map Image Operation either in the Operation
menu or in the tool palette on the left of the canvas.

3. Load the picture you want to apply the new color palette to. Make sure it's on the canvas. In this case, we're loading in the beach scene from above. Then set your canvas background from the source image.

4. In the tool palette on the left of your canvas, you'll see a little button labeled "Action." Click the button, and let her rip....

I'll be the first to admit this isn't quite what I hoped for. Studio Artist maps the best matching color from the Source Color Squares to the canvas image. Obviously it didn't think that "kitten-orange" made a good match for the sky, so it took that muddy purplish color that it must have gotten from a shadow on the kitten picture. In any case, that's the basic technique.

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