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Color Mapping in Synthetik Studio Artist

Basic operations and methods for cleaning up maps

by Chuck Floading
Special to Creative Mac
[email protected]

In Synthetik Studio Artist, you can use the Color Map Image Processing Operation to apply the colors from one image to another. But color mapping, like any automated process, isn't always perfect. You might hope to generate a bright orange sky and get a muddy purple instead. Or you might want to turn your sun black, but it comes out red. Today we're going to look at some methods for correcting color mapping in Studio Artist. But first we'll see some of the basic steps to generate a color map and apply it to a new image.

Basic color mapping
We're going to take the colors from our kitten picture (below) and map them to the beach scene. (In a while, we'll see why trying to map the oranges in the kitten picture to the blues and greens in the tropical scene isn't the best idea. Hopefully getting to that point will give you some ideas of your own!)

For this tutorial, we'll be taking the color from the image
of the kitten and applying it to the beach scene.

1. Color map uses the color squares to do its work. First we need to generate color squares from the kitten picture. So launch Studio Artist and select the kitten picture as your Source Image. You can generate color squares directly from the source image, or you can set the source as the background of your canvas and generate the color squares from the canvas, as in the example below.

Studio Artist can generate a palette of color from an image using the method seen above.

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