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How To Make Your Own Adobe Premiere Filters

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Saving your filters
The real power of Filter Factory is in its ability to save your settings and build them into new filters for future use. If you had to enter a formula each time you used the thing, it would be pretty cumbersome.

The process of building a filter is quite simple. Just click the "Build" button, and a dialog pops up. Take a look at the screen below:

As you can see, all you have to do is enter names for your sliders, copyright information and the name of the actual filter as it will appear in your Filter window in Premiere. If you build your filter and save it into your Plug-Ins folder, all you'll need to do is quit and relaunch the program to access it again. Note that the positions of your sliders when you build the filter will become their default positions the next time you use the filter (first keyframe and last automatically). So make sure they're in a position you like.

Finally, you can also save your formulas by clicking the "Save" button. This can come in handy if you want to build multiple filters off a basic set of formulas so that you don't have to keep entering the numbers manually. And remember that once you build a filter, you will not be able to go back and change the formulas in it.

In our next installment, we'll take a look at a simple Mac-only method for adding a little graphical customization to the filters you've created. Following this, we'll look at some more advanced formulas to use. Until then, play around with some numbers on your own. If you're feeling awfully confident, check out Harald Heim's article on the Premiere Filter Factory at http://www.thepluginsite.com/knowhow/ffpg/ffpg.htm. Or read my tutorial on Adobe Photoshop's filter factory at http://www.digitalmediadesigner.com/2001/ 02_feb/tutorials/filterfactory/filterfactory-page1.htm.

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