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How To Make Your Own Adobe Premiere Filters

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Try entering these formulas:

Using the first six sliders—ctl(0) though ctl(5)—to
create a limited channel shift filter.

Note that when you use this formula, you only get a shift to the right or down. But, as we saw in the previous example, we can add one slider while subtracting another to get a full range of motion. So now try changing your formulas this way:

Adding additional parameters to the formula
for a broader range of motion.

As you probably noticed, we're a bit limited by the number of sliders available to us. Not to worry. A single slider can control multiple channels or multiple coordinates. You still don't get the full range of versatility that you might want, but you can simply create additional filters to cover all the possibilities.

Channel shifting can create ghosting and bring in
artifacts for "bad video" effects.

The output is similar to what you created in the previous incarnation of this channel-shift filter. It just gives you more options. It can also allow you to "bloom out" a sequence for a sort of transition that throws each channel individually off the frame.

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