Synthetik Studio Artist 1.5

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The result of this approach to paint synthesis is an unlimited supply of media with which to work. You can even paint with movies, cycling through and modulating the frames with your Paint Synthesizer settings as you draw.

Beyond the Paint Patches you create and use, you can also customize the way your tool works, whether it's just a standard mouse or a pressure/tilt stylus. Studio Artist automatically detects your input devices and allows you to use tilt and pressure without having to modify anything. But then you can also tell the program how to interpret your input through Mouse Mode settings. These can allow you to do simple strokes, just like you'd find in any paint application. Or it can be set to assist your drawing, automatically creating stroke variations as you draw. Or you can select regions and allow it to fill them in for you based on color or source image. Or you can set it to draw an entire stroke for you when you just click on the canvas.

Synthetik calls this "intelligent assisted drawing." It's an accurate label. Yes, you can use it as a crutch to draw your picture for you. But you can also use it to more artistic aims, kind of like having a magic brush that can read your mind and do what you want it to do before you even know what it is you want to do. (You'll understand when you try it out.)

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