Contour ShuttlePro Shuttle/Jog Controller

ShuttlePro at a Glance

Maker: Contour Design
Price: $125

Overall Impression: Slick little controller that fits cozily on a keyboard tray along with your keyboard. It works great, and the price is certainly right.

Key Benefits: The controller is comfortable in the hand, and it offers a good number of programmable buttons (13 in total) for great customizability — even allowing application-specific customizations. Hey, even the shuttle ring and jog wheel are programmable.

Disappointments: The USB cable will be too short to reach a rack-mounted Mac. While it does (surprisingly) seem to operate well in the keyboard's USB port, if you have any dongles occupying a keyboard USB port, you'll need to go get a USB hub.

Recommendation: Buy



Contour ShuttlePro

USB shuttle/jog & multimedia controller

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

[Editor's note: This review has been updated since its original publication to include new pricing information as of July 6, 2001. —Dave]

Shuttle/jogs are, on the whole, a bit more pricey than they need to be. After all, they're targeted toward the professional video market, and ... well, need I say more? However, there's a little thing called the Macintosh desktop video revolution going on right now. While this revolution might seem to be dominated at the moment by dads digitizing footage of their kids running on the beach, it does, on the whole, have some happy implications for video pros as well. The most important of these for our purpose here are pricing and availability. This means, in short, more stuff at better prices.

In the controller arena, the first to address these recent realities is Contour Design, maker of ergonomic input devices and accessories, such as mice, wrist rests and the like. Their latest offering, which began shipping in volume not too many days ago, is the ShuttlePro, a USB shuttle/jog and multimedia controller selling for $125.

The good
Like other Contour products, ShuttlePro is ergonomic. It has length and girth enough to feel solid, but it's slim enough to fit next to the keyboard on many keyboard trays. It has an outer rubberized shuttle ring and an inner jog wheel positioned just so you can reach its top nine buttons with your fingertips and two of its four lower buttons with your thumb. Quite comfy.

With 13 buttons, a jog wheel and a shuttle ring, the ShuttlePro offers a
total of 44 programmable parameters via the ShuttlePro Control Panel.

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