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Epson Brings 2,440 DPI to Large Format with new Stylus Pro 5500
Other large-format models get discount

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Epson today announced it's lowering prices on three of its professional large-format printers. The company also started shipping the Stylus Pro 5500, a 13" (wide), 2,440 x 720 DPI printer that uses Epson's new Archival Inks.

Price reductions
The models receiving price reductions include the Stylus Pro 5000, 9000 and 9500, now coming out at $2,495, $6,995 and $7,995, respectively. The Stylus Pro 5000 uses Epson's Micro Piezo DX3 print head technology and features a six-color, dye-based inking system, 1,440 x 720 DPI print resolution and 11 picoliter droplets. It has a maximum printing area of 13" x 19".

The 9000 produces 44" wide prints on a wide range of media as thick as 1.5 millimeter cardboard. It offers 1,440 x 720 DPI resolution and a six-color, high-capacity, quick-drying ink system. It can output in standard mode at 72 square feet per hour.

The 9500 also features 1,440 x 720 DPI with the ability to output at speeds of up to 72 square feet per hour. It uses Epson's DX3 print head technology to place precise microscopic drops of ink on a wide array of media up to 44" wide. Like the new 5500, the 9500 uses Epson's Archival Inks, which are pigment-based solids milled down to accommodate inkjet print heads.

An optional RS-5100 Fiery X2 RIP from Electronics for Imaging is available for the Stylus Pro 9000 and 9500, and an RS-5000 Fiery LX RIP is available for the Stylus Pro 5000.

New kid on the block
The brand new Stylus Pro 5500, unlike its elder siblings, offers Epson's relatively new 2,440 x 720 DPI print engine but also accommodates Archival Inks. It uses a six-color, high-capacity, six-cartridge inking system (cyan, magenta, yellow, light cyan, light magenta and black) and uses six heads with 96 nozzles.

The printer has a 250-sheet feeder that supports media up to 13" x 19" and as thick as 200-pound bond. A second paper tray is optional.

The 5500's drivers support the Mac and other operating systems, but a Fiery Spark Professional RIP is also available. The Stylus Pro 5500 basic printing system is now available for $3,495. The optional Fiery Spark Professional RIP is available for an additional $2,995. For more information, visit http://www.epson.com.

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