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Microtek Debuts Film Scanner
ArtixScan 4500t includes 25 megs of device and color profiles

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Microtek has released a new film scanner today that it claims delivers drum-quality film scans. The new model, the ArtixScan 4500t, is a multi-format scanner targeted toward imaging professionals on Mac and Windows that uses a 10,000-element CCD to produce 42-bit depth at a maximum optical resolution of 2,571 DPI and a 3.9Dmax.

The ArtixScan 4500t can produce 11.5" x 17" output from 35 mm slides, 2.25" film and 4" x 5" film without distortion or Newton rings, according to Microtek. It also includes a glass holder for other sizes of film.

The ArtixScan 4500t includes Microtek's ScanWizard Pro, a scanning software package the provides image correction tools, including corrections for color negatives and underexposure. It also includes 25 MB worth of device and color space profiles for calibrations with monitors and printers.

Kodak's Digital Science color management software is integrated to provide device-dependent color spaces (48-bit RGB, 24-bit RGB and CMYK), device-independent color working spaces (CIE, LAB and LCH), indexed color and Web color spaces. For the Macintosh version, Microtek offers built-in ColorSync functionality. In addition, the ICC Profiler software included with the ArtixScan 4500t calibrates via the Kodak, Agfa or Fuji IT8 target and generates ICC profiles.

The ArtixScan 4500t is available for $5,495. For more information, visit http://www.microtekusa.com.

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