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Avid OMF Comes to After Effects 5
Plugin automatically imports Avid projects

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Software developer Automatic Duck has announced the forthcoming release of OMF Composition Import, a plugin for Adobe After Effects 5. OMF Composition Import allows users to bring Avid OMF projects into After Effects automatically. Wes Plate, president of Automatic Duck, told us he expects the first release around the time of the NAB show in April. It will be released first for the Macintosh, with a Windows version following as soon as possible, he said.

OMF Composition Import streamlines the process of importing projects into After Effects from Avid nonlinear editing systems. In one step, OMF Composition Import transfers an entire Avid system timeline into Adobe After Effects 5.0 and imports all the media necessary to recreate a project.

The plugin reconstructs an Avid system timeline. Supported effects like dissolves, superimposes, flops, motion effects and others are translated into the After Effects 5.0 equivalent. Collapsed layers in the Avid timeline automatically become nested compositions in After Effects 5.0.

OMF Composition Import will cost $495. For more information, visit http://www.automaticduck.com.

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