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Adobe Acquires Cycore Cult Effects, Atomic Power Evolution
Filter sets make it into After Effects 5

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Adobe has acquired the assets of Cycore's Cult Effects and Atomic Power's Evolution, two sets of popular plugins for Adobe After Effects. The result is that these company's filters will now be included in After Effects 5, though some of them will only be available in the After Effects 5 Production Bundle.

Plugins in the new acquisition include the Shatter tool from Evolution. Shatter lets users extrude a layer into 3D space and blow it up into puzzle pieces, shards of glass, etc. Users can also create shockwave explosions or, by animating a force point, paint with an explosive brush to break up a layer bit by bit. Preset shatter maps include bricks, glass, puzzle pieces and others.

adobe after effects 5 shatter filter
The Shatter filter from Atomic Power's (former) Evolution
in the AE 5 Production Bundle.

From Cycore's Cult Effects package, Adobe has acquired vector painting technology via the former CE Paint plugin. In its latest incarnation, the CE Paint plugin gets number of new features, as well as an Adobefied interface.

The nondestructive vector paint tools in After Effects 5 range from strokes that reveal an image over time to animated cartoons and painted textures that change from frame to frame. Brush controls allow the user to specify how the strokes will look, including radius, color and opacity. Users can also choose whether strokes are recorded to the current frame, to sequential frames, in real time or continuously.

Other features of the vector paint tools include:

  • Onion Skin mode for cell-style animations;
  • Playback options for using paint strokes in a variety of ways, including adjusting mattes and other types of adjustments;
  • "Wiggle" controls provide additional options for creating a hand-animated look, as well as a variety of special effects;
  • Options for controlling how paint strokes interact with the layer they appear on.

Paint strokes can also be used to reveal an underlying image by using the paint strokes as a track matte, or they could be composited in the alpha channel of the original image to create an animated image mask.

The company is also including a Fractal Noise feature in the Production Bundle. This was previously CE Turbulent Noise. Other new effects available inside of After Effects 5.0 include Radio Waves, Colorama and Optics Compensation (Production Bundle only).

For more information about After Effects 5, be sure to read our look at its new features, as well as QuickTime demos and tutorials. Click here for more. For more information about Adobe, visit


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