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Talkin' Smack: OS XP

The innovations keep on coming out of Redmond

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Like all Mac users, I can't help but feel regret at my choice of platform whenever Microsoft announces a new Windows product. Let's face it: When it comes to innovation, Microsoft is the clear leader. Take the latest preview Microsoft gave us of its future OS: Windows XP. A stunning accomplishment in the field of technology, yes. But let us not overlook the innovations in GUI design as well.

Microsoft is, of course, the very company that brought us the graphical user interface and inspired such knockoffs as the Amiga OS, Irix and, of course, the Mac OS. The next release, Windows OS XP, takes it to the next level with a completely new approach. Here, take a look.

Now, I know what some of the less savory Mac people out there are saying. "That's just a ripoff of Mac OS X." Well, nothing could be further from the truth. OS X is blue. OS XP is blue and green. No comparison.

All the negativity aside, I, for one, am quite excited about this latest Microsoft triumph. But it's just the first in a string of new innovations coming out of Redmond. I've been so amped about OS XP that I decided to send out Creative Mac's extensive network of industrial spies to find out what else is coming out in the near future. These spies uncovered some amazing new evidence of Microsoft's plans to enter the hardware market. Here, for the first time, we're revealing the secret design of two new Microsoft-branded CPUs—the G4 P and the G4 Cube P.

The Microsoft G4 P and G4 Cube P: the future evolution
of Microsoft's revolutionary design strategy?

As you can see, the G4 P and G4 Cube P represent an amazing revolution in industrial design and, like OS XP, in no way resemble anything else on the market. Now, I can already hear the gears churning inside the heads of Mac users. "Those look just like Apple's G4 and G4 Cube." Pfft. Again, the G4 P and G4 Cube P have a completely different color scheme.

So let this be a lesson to other computer companies out there. Microsoft is on top because Microsoft is the best. OS XP is just the next evolution in the company's long tradition of excellence that has won the hearts and minds of computer enthusiasts everywhere, despite the copycat shenanigans of companies like Apple. I look forward to a future filled with many more Microsoft innovations, like the G4 P and G4 Cube P.

Although I am a Mac user, I'm not too proud to step back every now and again to take stock of reality and say, "Thank you, Microsoft. Thank you for all your hard work and ingenuity."

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Dave Nagel is the producer of Creative Mac and Digital Media Designer; host of the Creative Mac, Adobe InDesign, Adobe LiveMotion and Synthetik Studio Artist WWUGs; and executive producer of Creative Mac, Digital Media Designer, Digital Pro Sound, Digital Webcast, Plug-in Central, Presentation Master, ProAudio.net and Video Systems sites. All are part of the Digital Media Net family of online industry hubs.

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