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Adobe Ships Premiere 6
New version to get 'seamless integration' with After Effects, Photoshop and GoLive

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Adobe started shipping Premiere 6 today. The new version of Adobe's video editing suite is aimed not only at traditional digital video professionals, but also those who publish video on the Web. It supports QuickTime, Windows Media and Real. And it offers a "publish for Web" option that will include Web markers for interactivity. (So far it's unclear as to whether this feature is akin to Media 100i's interactive features. They did say it can be used to launch HTML pages in time with a video presentation. We'll be taking a look at Premiere 6 at the Macworld Expo this week.) It's also been tweaked to provide "seamless integration" with Adobe's GoLive Web publishing system, as well as After Effects and Photoshop.

Version 6.0 offers built-in, cross-platform support for a large selection of DV devices, an enhanced user interface and new professional editing tools, according to Adobe. New features include:

  • A professional-level audio mixer;
  • Automate to Timeline, which can simultaneously send a sequence of clips from the Storyboard or Project Window to the Timeline.
  • Numerous interface refinements and customization features;
  • Customizable workspaces;
  • Built-in DV device control;
  • Settings viewer;
  • Storyboard window;
  • Automate to timeline;
  • History, video and audio filters and effects control palettes.

Version 6.0 includes more than 25 After Effects filters. It costs $549 for all platforms. Registered users of earlier versions will be able to upgrade for $149. Upgrades from Premiere LE will run $199. International English, French, German and Japanese versions of Premiere 6.0 are expected to ship within the first 90 days of the initial release. For more information, visit http://www.adobe.com/premiere.

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