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Poser Pro Pack Ships
Addon allows character animation to be exported to Flash

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Curious Labs today announced the release of Poser Pro Pack, a 3D character modeling and animation package, for the Macintosh. Curious Labs is the company formed by some of the original developers of Poser after the dissolution of Metacreations' software division about a year ago.

The Pro Pack is a new addon to Poser designed to address the needs of professional animators and position Poser as a viable alternative to other professional character animation packages on the market.
Pro Pack enhances Poser 4's production capabilities with new export options, 3D integration, new features and content and improved workflow for the creation of custom figures. These changes allow users to create 3D characters for the Web, prin and video.

Features of the Pro Pack include:

  • Host Poser 4 scene files in NewTek LightWave and Discreet 3D Studio MAX, including animated 3D characters with the plugins included;

  • Export animated character content created in Poser to Flash for 2D;

  • Create custom figures with Pro Pack's "Figure Set-Up Room," including the ability to create bones and build body parts from any 3D geometry data.

It also includes 2D-Motion Blur, multi-view panes, Python scripting support and new compressed library files.

Poser Pro Pack is available now for users of Poser 4.0.3 for $149. For users of Poser 1,2 or 3, the upgrade to Poser 4, which is required to use the Pro Pack, costs $99. For more information, visit http://www.curiouslabs.com.

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