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LaCie Ships USB/FireWire Combo CD-RW

New drive offers 4x write and rewrite, 24x read

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

LaCie announced today the 4x 4x 24x PocketDrive CD-RW, a 6" x 6" CD-RW that includes both USB and FireWire connectors. The LaCie PocketDrive CD-RW can be used with USB and FireWire-equipped computers such as the new iMacs, iBooks, PowerBooks, Power Mac G4s and Power Mac G4 Cubes. The FireWire and USB buses make the drive hot-pluggable, so it can be moved from computer to computer or attached to a PowerBook or iBook without having to shut down.

The PocketDrive automatically detects the system interface and configures the connection, so the drives mount as soon as they are connected. The PocketDrive CD-RW can be shared between users or between a Mac or PC.

The LaCie PocketDrive writes and rewrites at 4x speed, about the maximum for a USB connection, and will also read standard CDs at 24x speed. LaCie has included two IEEE 1394 ports so that the drive can be daisy-chained with other FireWire devices.

The LaCie 4x 4x 24x PocketDrive CD-RW drive is for $399. The drive is bundled with cables, a universal A/C adapter, three CD-R discs, one CD-RW disc and the LaCie Recording Utilities, including Adaptec Toast 4.1.1 for Macintosh systems and Adaptec Easy CD Creator for Windows. For more information, visit http://www.lacie.com.

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