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Digital Voodoo Upgrades D1 Desktop Software

New version offers 64-bit color, adds increased support for Final Cut Pro reference movies

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Digital Voodoo, a maker of video editing boards for the Mac, has updated its software for its D1 Desktop 64 line to version 4.9. The new version now supports full 16-bit RGB (or 64 bits per pixel) for uncompressed 8- or 10-bit video to be passed back to applications that support the 64 bit per pixel format in QuickTime. Uncompressed 10-bit video from the SDI input is now translated to 16 bits per channel RGB color space.

Other new features include:

  • Added full RGB+Alpha key playback to the D1 Desktop 64 series cards. This allows designers to work in RGB using the QuickTime "None" compressor at millions of colors and then play on the D1 Desktop without rendering to the codec, so files can be played with live key output on the D1 Desktop 64 and D1 Desktop 64 Lite models.
  • Full bandwidth dual link 4:4:4:4 can be output into other systems, such as Discreet's flame. RGBA files can also be rendered on Windows systems and copied to a D1 Desktop system for playback.
  • Files can be kept in computer-native RGB color space and then played at any time, without requiring a special render to the Digital Voodoo codec before they can be played out.
  • Media Transfer 1.6 is included and adds increased support for Final Cut Pro reference movies and is now fully automatic in setup for frame-accurate output to tape, as well as capture. This eliminates any deck control settings that were previously required to get frame-accurate deck control.

Digital Voodoo manufactures the D1 Desktop series of PCI QuickTime cards. The newest model, the D1 Desktop 128HD, offers full, uncompressed HDTV support, as well as standard-definition formats. We'll be meeting with Digital Voodoo at Macworld and will bring you further details when they become available. For more information, visit http://www.digitalvoodoo.net.

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