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Digidesign Ships Pro Tools 5.1
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Digidesign has joined with Focusrite
to release Control|24, a new mixing control surface with built-in high-end analog pre-amplification for Pro Tools. Offering 24 touch-sensitive moving faders, dedicated EQ and dynamics switches on every channel, as well as illuminated switching for mute, solo, record arm, channel selects and automation modes, Control|24 has the traditional ergonomics of a mixing desk but without the limitations. Large LEDs display transport location; each channel strip offers dual channel metering; and 26 scribble strips provide system feedback for channel names and plugin parameters.

Control|24 connects to Pro Tools via 10BaseT Ethernet. It provides 16 Class A mic/line pre amps and integrates with existing MIX and MIXplus setups. It will be on sale next month for $7,995.

Reverb One
Digidesign has also announced that it's started shipping Reverb One. Reverb One is a reverb processing plugin for Pro Tools TDM. This new plugin allows users to create a wide range of new reverb sounds. Unique to Reverb One, according to Digidesign, is a set of software shaping tools that allow users to customize the characteristics of the reverberant space to match their needs. Equalization, modulation, decay optimizations and room reflections help modify the character and ambience of the reverb. Reverb One is a cross-platform TDM plugin for both Mac and Windows NT Pro Tools|24 MIX and MIXplus systems. Reverb One requires Pro Tools software version 5.0 or higher. It's available now for $995.

DigiDrive disk drives
Also new from Digidesign is a pair of DigiDrive disk drives, which have started shipping. These DigiDrive Ultra 160/LVD come in 18 GB and 36 GB capacities. The fourth-generation DigiDrives process at 10,000 RPM and offer data transfer rates of up to 160 MB per second. The latest generation DigiDrive also delivers 4 MB cache and is compatible with both Ultra160/LVD and single-ended Fast/Wide SCSI busses. The advantages of Ultra160/LVD are increased SCSI length (up to 12 meters) and improved data integrity. The drives are available now. The DigiDrive 36|10k Ultra160/LVD runs $1,425, while the 18|10K costs $1,025 (when purchased with a Pro Tools system).

Echo Farm
Digidesign and Line 6 are now shipping the new Echo Farm, the vintage echo effects processing plugin for Pro Tools|24 MIX and MIXplus systems. These vintage effects have the advantages of TDM processing, including extended delay time, bpm/note value delay time setting, tap tempo and complete automation. Echo Farm allows for control of tape wow and flutter, bit resolution and more. Included effects modules are based on the following effects units:

  • Maestro EP-1 Tube Echoplex
  • Maestro EP-3 Echoplex
  • Roland RE-101 Space Echo
  • Boss DM-2 Analog Delay
  • Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memoryman
  • Dynamic Delay (a la TC Electronics 2290)
  • Lo Res Delay (variable from 24 to 6 bits)
  • Sweep Echo (filter-swept delay)
  • Digital Delay with Modulation
  • Ping Pong
  • Reverse
  • Auto-Volume

Echo Echo Farm is available now for $495.

Orange Vocoder
Finally, Digidesign and Prosoniq have announced an alliance that will yield a new product called Orange Vocoder. Orange Vocoder is a realtime AudioSuite effects processor for Pro Tools. The Orange Vocoder is Prosoniq's first initiative in a strategic alliance with Digidesign. (Prosoniq is also announcing plans to discontinue its plugin distribution relationship with Steinberg and to phase out its development activities for VST to focus fully on the RTAS and TDM processing platforms.) Orange Vocoder offers an all-digital simulation of a realistic analog vocoder with effects that are fully customizable within the Pro Tools environment. Orange Vocoder uses either the source/audio track or the built-in oscillator as carrier signal, and any audio track as modulator. Other features include:

  • Integrated eight-voice virtual analog synthesizer with two oscillators per voice featuring 10 basic wavefoms and seven sampled sounds, voice detune, pitch LFO, four-pole Lowpass filter with cutoff and resonance, oscillator hard sync and ring modulator.
  • Fully customizable Graphical Breakpoint EQ with maximum 12 nodes, ranging from 20 Hz to 20 kHz and resolving from +30 to -30 dB.
  • Input Channel flip to instantly exchange carrier and modulator signals without re-routing tracks.
  • Post-Vocoder Filterbank Reverb Effect with Mix, Decay and Density.
  • Support for sidechain routing and Pro Tools automation.
  • Integrated preset program switch
  • Orange Vocoder will be available soon only for Mac Pro Tools systems for $245.

For more information, visit http://www.digidesign.com.

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