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Creative Mac's Macworld Travelogue: A continuously updated account of Dave and his peecee-using colleague in and around the environs of the Macworld Expo.

Macworld Updates: News from the show floor affecting creative professionals.

Macworld Roundup: A look back at the stuff that will have happened by the time were to have published this piece.

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Talkin' Smack: The Road to Macworld

The Adventures of Dave and Paolo in a rented Lincoln Town Car

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Today I launch off on my 500-mile, seven-hour journey of mystery, self-discovery and adventure to the Mecca of Macdom—the Macworld Expo in San Francisco. I'll be heading out this morning with my colleague, Paolo de Andrade, in a rented Lincoln Town Car, up the hillbilly hinterlands of central California with but a single primary goal in mind: to stop at every outlet mall along the way in my never-ending quest for the perfect pair of Adidas.

Secondarily, I plan to attend the show and find out all the good stuff headed our way this year. We already know the gist of what Steve Jobs will be announcing tomorrow during his keynote speech: faster hardware. Faster CPUs and faster system buses. Heck, maybe even faster AGP graphics. I plan not to be too terribly impressed, especially if the rumor about the lack of dual processors in the new lineup turns out to be true. What I'd like to see is the final release of QuickTime 5 and a firm date for OS X. (But then again, we've gotten firm dates in the past. I'm still waiting for Rhapsody.)

What I will be impressed with is the slate of offerings from third-party developers, particularly in the areas of animation and video. We have meetings all lined up with Nothing Real (Shake for OS X), Matrox (RT Mac realtime editing for Final Cut Pro), Alias | Wavefront (Maya for OS X), Adobe (Premiere 6), Electric Image (Universe), Media 100, Macromedia and a whole host of other developers who probably wouldn't appreciate me giving away their announcements a day or two early.

But, rest assured, we'll keep you up to date on all of the developments coming out of Macworld that affect you creative professionals. Even if it means staying up all night uploading HTML files via Dreamweaver through AOL on a 56K modem running on the as-yet-untested phone lines at the Cow Hollow Motor Lodge, where I'll be staying. Be sure to check in at the Creative Mac home page for daily news updates, and also check out the continuously updated "Macworld Travelogue" for more of an editorial spin on the events of the week, including details of the journey to, the stay in and the escape from the land of homelessness and faux couture, San Francisco. At the end of the show, we'll also have a roundup summarizing all that was seen and done, and we'll have some awards to hand out for the best stuff we see.

Dave Nagel is the producer of Creative Mac and Digital Media Designer; host of the Creative Mac, Adobe InDesign, Adobe LiveMotion and Synthetik Studio Artist WWUGs; and executive producer of Creative Mac, Digital Media Designer, Digital Pro Sound, Digital Webcast, Plug-in Central, Presentation Master, and Video Systems sites. All are part of the Digital Media Net family of online industry hubs.

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